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  • How Can Aluminum Sheet Be Used?
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How Can Aluminum Sheet Be Used?

Sheet Aluminum Is Any Aluminum Sheet Metal Thicker Than Foil But Slimmer Than 6mm; It Is Available In Several Shapes, Such As Diamond Plate, Extended, Perforated, And Painted Sheet Aluminum. Aluminum Metal and Steel sheet is used to make sheets for vehicle bodies and tractor-trailers in the transportation industry. Aluminum Sheet is used in the manufacture of PEB Steel Structures, household appliances, and cookware. It’s shaped into things like siding, canals, material, shades, and carports in construction and improvement.

Aluminium Steel Sheet Specifications

Alloy ASTM B209, 1060, 5052, 1050, 3105, 5754, 8011 1235, 6061, 3003, 1100, 3004
Thickness 0.5mm-150mm
Temper O, H26, H16, H32, H24, H14, H22, H12, H18, H112
Length To Clients’ Requirement
Width 500-2000mm
Coating Finish PVDF, POLYESTER(PE)
Coating Polyurethane And Epoxy Coating, Fluorocarbon, Polyester
Surface Hair Line, Polished, Brush, Bright, Checkered, Sand Blast, Embossed, Etching, Etc.
Total Coating Thickness PVDF Coating: More Than 25 Micron; Polyester Coating: More Than 18 Micron
Gloss Meet The Customer Requirement
MEK Resistance More Than 10
Coating Adhesive No Lower Than1st Grade
Coating Hardness (Pencil Hardness) More Than 2H
Flexibility (T-Bend) 2T
Impact Resistance No Cracking Or Peeling (50kg/Cm, ASTMD-2794: 1993)
Available Stock Sizes Of Aluminum Sheet 1ft X 2ft, 1ft X 1ft, 2ft X 2ft, 1ft X 4ft, 4ft X 4ft, 2ft X 4ft, 4ft X 10ft, 4ft X 8ft Or Cut To Size Or Custom Shape.
Delivery Time Of Aluminum Sheet 30-60 Days After Receiving The Prepayment
Packaging Details Of Aluminum Sheet Standard Export Package.
One Pallet Is About 2-3 Ton.Two Steel Belts In Width And Three In Width.
One 20GP Container Can Load About 18-20 Tons Aluminum Sheet.
One 40GP Container Can Load About 24 Tons Aluminum Sheet
Outer Packing Of Aluminum Sheet Export Standard, Wooden Pallet
Bottom Side Aluminum Sheet Is Coated With Protective Polyester Material, Thickness More Than 6 Micron
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Aluminium Sheet Price Per Kg

Price List For Commercial Aluminium Grade
Sr. No. Description Price/KG In INR
1 5mm Aluminium Plates Prices 210
2 6mm Aluminium Plates Prices 210
3 1mm Aluminium Sheets Prices 210
4 2mm Aluminium Sheets Prices 210
5 3mm Aluminium Sheets Prices 210
6 12mm Aluminium Plates Prices 210
7 20mm Aluminium Plates Prices 210
8 50mm Aluminium Plates Prices 210
9 63mm Aluminium Plates Prices 210

Aluminium Sheet Manufacturers In India

Aluminium Roofing Sheets in India - Jindal Aluminium Limited is the leading manufacturer of aluminium roofing sheets in surat
tata bluescope durashine colour coated sheet supplier in gujarat
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Aluminium Sheet Standard Sizes

Dimensions Of Aluminium Sheet: 

Widths 1000/1220/1500 Mm, Lengths 2000/2500/3000 Mm.

Aluminium Sheet Weight

Metric: Density-Based On 2.80 G/Cm³ (0.101 Lbs/In³)


  • Aluminium Sheet Density
  • Aluminium Sheet Types
  • Aluminium Sheet Thickness Available In India
  • Common Aluminum Sheet Grades
  • Aluminium Sheet Grades India

Aluminium Sheet Advantages And Disadvantages

Advantages :

  • Aluminum Conducts Electricity Even Better Than Copper.
  • Aluminum Is 100% Recyclable Without Losing Any Of Its Natural Characteristics.
  • Aluminum is an excellent choice for applications where magnetism must be avoided.
  • Aluminum quickly oxidises, and the resulting aluminium oxide surface coat resists further corrosion by air, water, and chemicals. This protective coating is non-staining, clear, and colourless.
  • Anodization is a simple way to colour aluminium, and it holds paint extremely well. Aluminum can be finished in a number of different ways.
  • Aluminium is the metal with the highest strength-to-weight ratio.

Disadvantages :

  • It Is More Expensive Than Steel.
  • It, or more precisely, the Aluminum Oxide Coating that forms on it, is abrasive to tooling.
  • Welding Aluminum Requires Special Procedures.